3-2-1 Warranty Policy


  • Warranty Period – The date of manufacture will be used as the beginning date of the warranty period unless you can provide proof of the date of purchase.

  • Full Warranty – If your product fails, Glyph will repair it or replace it. The replacement will be an identical unit or upgraded unit if an identical unit is not available. An RMA number is required for all returns. The customer is responsible for the shipping charges for returning the product to Glyph. Glyph will pay for Fedex Ground shipping when we return your product after repairing or replacing it. The warranty is void if the customer opens the case in an attempt to replace parts or repair their Glyph product.

  • Advance replacement eligible (Contiguous 48 United States Only) – A customer is eligible for Advance Replacement if a product fails in the first year of warranty and our tech support dept cannot solve the problem. Glyph will send a replacement unit. Customer must ship their failed unit to Glyph. An RMA number is required for all returns. Customer must supply a credit card number for pre-authorization of a transaction in the event that the customer fails to return their unit within two (2) weeks.

  • Level One Data Recovery – Unlike any of our competitors, Glyph offers level one data recovery using our experience and special hardware and software. We cannot guarantee our data recovery attempts will be successful.

  • Advanced Data Recovery – In the event our attempt is unsuccessful and the drive needs more sophisticated data recovery, Glyph can send the drive to a partner company, with the customer's authorization. The costs associated with advanced data recovery efforts are the responsibility of the customer.

Current Glyph products and their warranty details:

  Full Warranty Level One Data Recovery Advance Replacement Eligible Advanced Data Recovery
Blackbox 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year Anytime
Studio 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year Anytime
Studio Mini 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year Anytime
Studio RAID 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year Anytime
Studio RAID Mini 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year Anytime
Triplicator 3 Years N/A N/A N/A

The following products are discontinued. Warranty periods are listed below.

PortaGig 800 3 Years
PortaGig 400 1 Year
GT 062 (non eSATA version) 3 Years
GT 060BR 3 Years
GT 050 (FW400 version) 3 Years
GT Key (FW400 version) 3 Years
GT 205 3 Years
GT 308 3 Years
DVD Duplicator 3 Years
DV Project 3 Years
netDrives 800 1 Year
netDrives 400 1 Year
Tape Drives 1 Year
SCSI Drives 5 Years
GPT50 3 Years
GT 050Q 3 Years
GT 062E 3 Years
PortaGig 50 3 Years
PortaGig 62 3 Years
PortaGig 50 SSD 3 Years
PortaGig 62 SSD 3 Years
ForteRAID Spare Drives 3 Years
ForteRAID 3 Years
GT Key 3 Years
GT 051 3 Years
GT 103 3 Years
EC2 1 Year
Wildfire 1 Year

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