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The Necessity of External Hard Drives for Music Production



Let’s talk music production for a bit. We know how important your music is to you, we’ve dabbled at it a bit ourselves. It’s only fair that we stress the importance of using an external hard drive during your work sessions. Whether you’re using Pro Tools or any other music production software, keep yourself ahead of the work without running the risk of losing any of it.

Here’s the idea: your main system drive is where your operating system, programs/applications, and plugins are installed. When you record, for instance, a Pro Tools session, the audio is being saved onto your main system hard drive. As you begin laying down tracks upon tracks, your system drive is not only operating the software and plug-ins, it is also trying to read and write audio on the same drive. Using your system drive alone may bring you performance problems that you can completely avoid by using an external hard drive.

Separate your internal system drive from the drive that you use for saving audio files. Designate a specific external hard drive as your “Audio Drive”. Whenever you create a new session, save it to your external drive instead. Now, when you record audio it will be writing to one drive while your system drive is free to run Pro Tools or any other software you may be using.

Keep in mind that working your sessions onto an external hard drive does NOT mean you are completely backed up. We recommend having your files on three separate drives, one of which remains offsite for complete security.

Glyph drives are especially made for professionals. We understand what you need the most for demanding workflows. Speed, best-in-class technology and reliability. And not to mention, a killer warranty. 

Take our word for it, or hear it from the Pros - Best External Hard Drives for Music Production


WHATS NEXT: Stay connected for an upcoming interview with award-winning Producer Scott Stallone. We sat down with him to pick apart his brain and understand the hard work and specific approach it takes to become successful in the music world.




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