Interview with Producer/Engineer/Mixer Mario J McNulty

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Interview with Producer/Engineer/Mixer Mario J McNulty



We had a chance to sit and chat with our new pro-team member Mario McNulty. Mario is a producer/engineer/mixer who has worked with artists such as  David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, The Raveonettes, Anti-Flag, Kashmir, Semi-Precious Weapons and many others. Mario won a grammy in 2008 for recording the Angelique Kidjo album, Djin DJin

Check out some of the artist's Mario has worked with here:


Currently Mario has been producing with various indie bands as well as recording/mixing with veteran artists. We're thrilled Mario has been able to trust us to keep his work safe. After 14 years, Mario still recommends the drives, especially when artists lose their invaluable work on a failed drive.

GLYPH: What brought about making producing/mixing your career choice?

MARIO: I started making records due to falling in love with records and the sound of them. I felt really comfortable in the studio right off the bat. I’m keeping with it because there really isn’t anything else that I want to do. Making records for me is the way it is, whether it’s playing on an album, producing mixing or recording. It’s all kind of second nature to me - now I don’t even think about it. 

GLYPH: When did your career start to really pick up?

MARIO: I think making the decision to move to New York was the big turning point for me. It was interesting because I moved to New York on Sept. 3 2001, so it was definitely a very crazy, totally singular time to move to New York. I didn’t want to leave though, I really wanted to stay. There was something about it that I was really attached to. I had only been here a week then 9/11 happened, but I stayed and managed through it. It was an interesting time to meet a lot of people and see what the city was going through. I had made the decision in college to go to a smaller audio school. I was very narrow-minded about it. It was purely about getting a background in technical stuff, which I needed help in because I’m more of a creative person. The key was to get out of Arizona because there wasn’t much of an industry there. Once I got to NY it started immediately. Once you have a good relationship with people good things are spread and you start becoming a part of the scene, things naturally pick up. Moving to NY is what jumpstarted it. 

GLYPH: How do you deal with managing work and play? 

MARIO: This kind of career is a life-style; you have to make it your life. When you’re not working you have to either be with family or you have to sleep. You have to manage personal life but also have a very focused work schedule. It’s almost an all-consuming career. Most of the people in my position, we are all working for ourselves. We rely on other clients for work, I’m getting calls all the time so I’m pretty much always on the clock. It’s normal to sometimes have to work on a holiday. The past month, I was averaging, I’m not kidding, 100 hours a week. One interesting thing is I’m not the artist but you sometimes work with bands that, for them, this is their everything. That album for them may be super successful and you have to work hard at keeping partying to a minimum. You have to stay healthy and maintain stamina. You’re working with people that may be going all out with a decadent life. If I were to do that with every artist I’d burn out. You try to become the most mature person in the room to make sure everyone is moving forward.

GLYPH: What other Producers/Artists inspire you?

MARIO: Brian Eno, is an obvious one. I’m so lucky to work with David Bowie, Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel. As for ones I want to work with, I would love to work with Tool. 

GLYPHDo you have any advice for young aspiring music producers?

MARIO: They have to just understand what the commitment is. If you’re not into it 100% don’t try. It’s really competitive, really hard and really fulfilling. If you’re in it for the money or to be famous its probably not a good idea. It’s a life-style; you have to make it your life. Most people in a rhetorical sense understand that, but I’m not being rhetorical I’m very serious. It’s a lot of work. It’s not all hanging with rock stars and partying all of the time. There’s definitely lots of fun times but a lot of work in between. 

GLYPH: Why do you choose Glyph over other drives? 

MARIO: For Glyph it’s a robust reliable drive that I need to have, it needs to work and I have to not worry about it. If the drive stalls or has issues it will make for a very frustrating day. I’ve been using Glyph for 14 years and I’ve been very reliant on those drives for 14 years. It’s very important that when I walk into a studio and I've spent hours working to know that I have a drive that is very reliable and Glyph just is.




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