Glyph for Audio Production


Designed and Tested For The Professional.

Since 1993, we've built our reputation providing trusted storage solutions for the most demanding audio workflows. Our drives are production-grade and built for reliability, flexibility, and longevity. Keeping your data safe when it matters most.

Quality components matter. Quality components make a difference.

Designed From The Ground Up With The DAW In Mind.

Hand-picked chipsets and professional power supplies means your Glyph is both reliable and invisible. Freeing you to focus on the music.

Universal, Auto-Sensing Internal Power.

External power adapters are easily misplaced, accidentally unplugged, and take up valuable outlet space. Glyph Studio series desktop drives use an industry-standard power cord and a professional internal power supply for efficient and quiet operation.

Speed When You Want It, Compatibility When You Need It.

7200RPM internal hard drives coupled with support for the latest USB and Thunderbolt technology means you don’t have to choose.

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Jared Evan

Singer, Producer, Rapper, Drummer

"Quote from the video about how much he loves Glyph drives."

Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer: Mount Holly, Perry Farrell, Silvertide pic

Nick Perri

Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer: Mount Holly, Perry Farrell, Silvertide

"When the time came to build my own studio, there was only ONE company I turned to for my storage needs... Glyph Production Technologies. When it comes to recording, little else is as important to the process as your hard drive selection. They literally hold and safeguard all we do. Thanks to Glyph, I sleep easier now!"

Lonnie Park

(Writer, Producer, Recording artist)

I am absolutely in love with my Glyph drives. Not only are they super fast, and rock solid, but I can sleep well knowing my projects are secure. If you're serious about your recordings, better be serious about how your recordings are stored.

(Writer, Producer, Recording artist) pic
Music Producer pic

Branford Marsalis

Music Producer

"I've been relying on Glyph racks for years and they continue to perform beyond my expectations. Glyph drives have the perfect configuration for my studio: A solution for recording, backup and archiving all in the same rack."

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